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10 January 2009 @ 10:30 pm
New Editor
I've been out of circulation for a while and didn't know if anyone was still interested in running this kind of thing, or if a good replacement was already around, but should anyone wish to take this community over as Editor, please either drop a comment or e-mail me.

10 March 2006 @ 10:38 am
Issue #76 - 10/03/06
  • Caught up on the news, and all comments too, I think. Next up, is the comms, meeps. So by monday things should be running exactly as they were before I went shit. :D

  • CreationEnt is selling LotR actors autographs
  • Enter a V For Vendetta competition, for cool swag: [IESB] [CineCon] [SuperheroHype]
  • Some blurb about Beanie's OTHER scary movie coming soon, 'The Dark'
  • Billy's Oor Woollie Tribute
  • Cate Blanchett Gets Restless as Hedda Gabler at Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Cate's mates rally (after her play)
  • Blanchett and Weaving's Standing Ovation
  • Hedda Gabler play a huge success (stars Cate and Hugo)
  • Cate Framed
  • Chris Lee praises 'best Bond' Brosnan
  • Adam Sandler and Liv Tyler on the Empty City set
  • Orlando to play in celeb version of Footie World Cup (maaaaybe)
  • TV portrayal of evil Moors Murderers (Andy Serkis)
  • C4 defends Moors murders TV drama
  • X3 Stirs Cast Emotions
  • The Viggo Effect
  • Living Is Artistic For Viggo
  • Everything's go, go, Viggo
  • Viggo's Back
  • An Artist For All Seasons (Viggo)

  • Geoffrey Shawcross (Dom) picspam Part 2 and Part 3 via domelom
  • SeanA, Elijah, and Pamela Etre at Mardi Gras 06 via txvoodoo
  • Dom/Lijah picspam Part A and Part B via salwood
  • First pic of Elijah in his new film, Paris, J'Taime via bunniewabbit [source]
  • Sir Ian McKellen in "Macbeth" (1976) via randomrattle

  • 60 pics of Billy at Ring*Con05 via cologne_chick
  • The lucky kerrsmith2306 just got back from NZ, and has much LotR coolness to share: Edoras, Hobbiton, Random LOTR locations in & around Wellington, More random LOTR Locations from in and around Wellington, Meeting Karl Urban's father. And some random beautiful NZ pics: Part 1, and Part 2. [vids and pics]

  • V For Vendetta: Six Film Clips and Interviews, and a Few More Interviews Here (Hugo)
  • ORC FanFilms

    Misc Notes
  • Sequels in the works that you guys should know about: Indiana Jones 4, Jurassic Park 4, Punisher 2, and two X-Men spin-offs (Wolverine, and Magneto)
  • Big big big Harry Potter 7 spoilers!
  • Big catch-up on february fandom news here (thanks nost_nemine) and (here (thanks catook)

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  • 09 March 2006 @ 02:45 pm
    Issue #75 - 09/03/06
  • Slowly picking things back up. Con stuff is caught up with, but if I've missed anything then purdy please fold it into an airplane and aim for my inbox. And artwork is caught up too. Next big thingie is teh news, which should be up by tomorrow eve at the latest.

  • Collectormania G-Mex report and pics with Andy Serkis, via precious_rosie and shy_nerthuserce
  • Elijah and Craig attended a Swedish convention called 'Propworld' last weekend, in Gothemburg
  • Pics of Elijah and Craig at Propworld via loreley_se
  • Pics of Elijah and Craig at Propworld via suzy_74
  • Pics of Elijah at Propworld, and pics of Craig too, and some more delicious Craig again, all via luvara
  • Pics of Elijah at Propworld via patsie
  • Craig is attending Gathering Of The Fellowship [July, Canada]
  • Mark Ferguson to be attending Ring*Con06 [Nov, Germany]

  • Repose (Merry/Pippin) and Before The Storm (Frodo/Sam) by larrkin2
  • Samwise the Dark Angel, Rivendell Problems (Frodo/Sam), by hermine_ichigo
  • Sketches of the Gamgee family and their accompanying coloured versions by aredhelebenesse
  • Up From The Ashes commission (Frodo,Pippin) and Falling Into The Sky commission (Frodo/Sam) by wyna_hiros
  • Help Me, Sam (Frodo,Sam) by solarfallsrealm
  • Sam And Rosie sketch by widgeon7
  • Mistletoe (Frodo/Sam) by notabluemaia
  • At The Brandywine (Merry, Pippin) by legoline
  • The Way It Really Happened (Frodo/Sam) and The Best Medicine (Frodo/Sam) by trillah
  • [NOT WORKSAFE] 'Good Morning' and 'Bathroom Pic' (both Frodo/Sam) by aina_baggins

  • Child Actor clips of SeanA and Elijah via cologne_chick
  • Elijah, Dom and Billeh talking about Celebrity Charades on 'That's Kentertainment' (18mins, and 20mins)
  • New X-Men Trailer: AAAAAAAAAANNGEEEEELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 02 March 2006 @ 05:34 pm
    Issue #74 - 02/03/06
  • Yes, I am El Sucko, but I'm trying to piece this place back together. All the news articles in today's issue are from january. I figure it's best to keep the old news and the new news seperate.
  • I have a month's worth of stuff to catch up, but I promise that I will! By monday things should be running as smoothly as something that runs smoothly

  • Dominic Monaghan Finds His Realities (Dom talks love, drugs and kids)
  • Dom and Evi plan to start a family: [digitalspy] [teenhollywood] [YahooNews] [contactmusic] [YahooNews]
  • 'Lost' stars plan to adopt baby (more Dom/Evi)
  • Monaghan took drugs to copy The Beatles: [YahooNews] [contactmusic]
  • Beanie wants to be a milkman on Coronation Street [YahooNews] [rte.ie] [ManchesterOnline] [irishexaminer] [irishexaminer (different article)] [digitalspy] [contactmusic] [YahooNews] [contactmusic]
  • Sir Ian McKellen to receive Golden Bear at Berlinale
  • Vive la Cate (Blanchett, attends magazine re-launch)
  • Cate's the greatest (actress of all time)
  • Viggo Mortensen coming to Melbourne: [heraldsun] [ntnews] [entertainment.news]
  • Christopher Lee wants to be Don Quixote: [newkerala] [YahooNews]
  • Andy Serkis to play Ian Brady via precious_rosie

  • Viggo at History of Violence Premiere (In Australia) via txvoodoo

  • Glam Girl Elijah manip by roqui
  • NOT WORKSAFE BDSM Sub!Billy manip by honeysuckle83
  • Dom beach manip by samena

    Misc Notes
  • island_kink is a BDSM-based RPG taking place in underground clubs in LA and on Hawaii, looking for new members (of which must be actors from LotR and Lost)
  • Get your porn name here
  • Emma Watson (Hermione) Enjoys Underage Drinking
  • Brokeback...To The Future

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  • 03 February 2006 @ 02:55 am
    Issue #73 - 02/02/06
  • Yes, I suck, big times. But things should calm down and issues should regulate. No issue tomorrow, though, and i'm away feb 12th-19th. I know that there's loads missing from tonight's issue, but I will be all the caught up by monday. In the meantime, leave your scoldings and/or spanking in comments, or via e-mail. I promise to catch up, don't kick my ass too hard!
  • Happy birthday for the other day Elijah!

  • An Illuminating Story - Article about Elijah's movie, Everything Is Illuminated
  • Dom finds his realities
  • Dom & Evangeline are engaged (maybe)
  • Dominic Monaghan on Lost, Season 2; Roller coaster season; Charlie Joker

  • Dom as Geoffrey (in Hetty Wainthropp Investigates) via domelom
  • Viggo at the Golden Globes via splatnext
  • Billy shopping for baby clothes via leggyslove
  • Young!Elijah spam via cologne_chick
  • Billy picspam via giddy_london
  • Orli in Toronto '04 via sagaluthien
  • Silent Hill trailer caps feat.Beanie via pfyre
  • [PAPPARAZZI] Dom pics of him on phone via dryope

  • Elijah scoped at a Gogol Bordello show via joshualuke

  • Elijah Icons by majesticons

  • Angel!Elijah manip by annwyn55
  • [NOT WORKSAFE] 'Good Morning' Sam/Frodo sketch, and untitled bathroom pic, also Sam/Frodo, by aina_baggins
  • Archilijah, Elijah as Achilles, by roqui
  • Spot the diferences! Elijah game, by roqui - too cool!!

    Misc Notes
  • Get your porn name here
  • Brad Pitt Looking for His ‘Brokeback’

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    25 January 2006 @ 02:16 am
    Issue #72 - 24/01/06
  • LJ has been screwing around with subdomains and whatnot
  • Goddammit, I had to go meltdown over Golden Globes, AND ORC week. As such, there was so much to catch up on that I haven't left comments on post I've linked to, sorry. If anyone wants their link removed, or added, comments comments comments.
  • On January 18th Sir Ian (and Alan CUMMING) were on Graham Norton's 'The Big Picture'. Anyone know of a download, please?
  • Did anyone catch Dom on Craig Ferguson, on 10th Jan (PCA Night)?

  • Cate's backstage role
  • Danny Dyer slams 'Hobbit' Wood
  • Chris Lee laments new wave of movie stars
  • Chris Lee set to light up Thailand
  • Beauty before age, laments Chris Lee
  • National Theatre in dramatic launch at ten sites (Billeh involved)
  • The Battle For Middle-Earth II
  • Details on PotC2
  • Bloom and Bruckheimer on PotC2
  • Elijah spotted chatting with a 'wierd band' (Gogol Bordello?)
  • Elijah hanging with Gogol, on their Cake tour
  • The Da Vinci Code will open in Cannes
  • Silent Hill (Beanie) movie poster competition
  • Dom and Evangeline Lilly are engaged, maybe: [contactmusic] [digitalspy] [sfgate] [foxnews] [tonight] [bostonherald]
  • Lost stars get a wage rise, liek woah: [msnbc] [yahoo] [contactmusic] [freep] [hollywoodreporter] [eonline]

  • Dom & Co at the Golden Globes via patsie

  • ORC! From what I've gleened, good times were had by all. orc2006 is your best bet, if you don't wanna miss a thing
  • Killer Hi-Res Billy ORC pics via dryope
  • Elijah and SeanA cuteness at ORC via patsie
  • Buttloads and buttloads off rakshi's SANET, via lionessfreedom
  • Sweetass transcript via rakshi
  • Billy's Favourite Jacket (no idea where i got this link)
  • Part 1 and Part 2 of a wonderfully detailed ORC report by the equally wonderful msilverstar
  • Biggest cool since sliced eggs - EVERYTHING ORC-wise you could ever want!!! via bunniewabbit
  • Even more meta postings via wysteria_way
  • Phone-post by BILLEH about how he got the shirt off Dom's back via dizzydame

  • honeysuckle83 has created a homepage for her manips. Go oggle, yo!

  • Buttload of Golden Globes vids via txvoodoo
  • SeanA on '24', 1 & 2, 3 & 4 via rakshi

    Misc Notes
  • 'Romance Of The Jedi' Hillarious and beautiful Anakin/Obi music vid.
  • Rebecca Romjin_Stamos Praises X3's Ratner
  • Vinnie Jones felt "underused" in 'X-Men 3' (damn, send him my way, I can guarantee he won't feel underused!!)

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  • 17 January 2006 @ 01:02 am
    Issue #71 - 16/01/06
  • Sorry for the delayed update, things are a bit chaotic in the Etre schedule at the moment. And update times may fluctuate.

  • Did anyone catch Dom on Craig Ferguson, on 10th Jan (PCA Night)?
  • Gawker provides us with another Elijah spotting
  • Blanchett Attends Golden Globes

  • New-but-old pic that Billy did of a dragonfly via honeysuckle83
  • Frodo caps from The Two Towers via rakshi
  • Elijah pics (many new ones) via woodly
  • Orlando Birthday Picspam via tinkerfairy
  • Orlando Birthday Picspam via sagaluthien
  • Essex Boys Beanie caps via govi20
  • Various Viggo caps via myth_adventure
  • Potentially new pic of Dom via patsie
  • A Perfect Murder Viggo caps: Part 1 and Part 2 via flybaby014563
  • Patriot Games Beanie caps via govi20
  • 92 SeanA caps from Slipstream via gallifreygal

  • UK's The Fellowship Festival has not yet paid some of the guests, via elouisa

  • Sam art by amir_lj
  • [NOT WORKSAFE] Merry/Frodo art by wyna_hiros

  • Viggo and Track 16 Gallery, Signing and Reception, January 14 via skulkings
  • The J.R. R. Tolkien Audio Collection clips via rakshi

    Misc Notes
  • Vinnie Jones talks about X-Men 3

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  • 14 January 2006 @ 01:00 am
    Issue #70 - 13/01/06
  • Jarhead is AMAZING. I love Jake's dance.
  • When are the MTV Movie Awards?
  • My browser is being funky, so I can't open up anyone's picspams...but I will clean up my computer tonight, and put them all in sunday's issue

  • Happy birthday Orlando! Thanks for being, you make the world prettier!
  • Vote for Green Street Hooligans to win a Golden Groundhog award
  • Scans and translation of a Humo interview with Elijah via cristiel
  • Vote in the movifone movigoers Movie Of The Year poll
  • Elijah's nominations for the Pantheon Awards

  • Pic of Dom after the Kimmel show via skulkings

  • World Without Sundays are interested in playing at ORC

  • Amazing Viggo/Beanie sketch by afra_schatz
  • New comm for Art: celeb_art :: JOIN! ::

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  • 12 January 2006 @ 11:58 pm
    Issue #69 - 12/01/06
  • There will be no issue on saturday, beacuse I have to work late saturday, and early sunday.

  • Pirates 3 Will Shoot In Summer
  • Iggy Hobbit (Elijah talks about the Iggy Pop film)
  • Green Street Hooligans up for a 'Golden Groundhog Award'

  • Pics of Dom AND BILLY at the Kimmel show via dryope
  • HUGE HUGE HUGE pics of Dom on the Kimmel show via aylai

  • Can anyone recomend a good comms to read LotR FPS fic?

  • 127 Green Street Hooligans icons by mukkianglia

  • Spider-Hobbit Sam sketch, by aina_baggins

  • Dom on Ellen via txvoodoo

    Misc Notes
  • Angelina and Brad are pregnant
  • [NOT WORKSAFE] You can see a PREVIEW of the Colin Farrell Sex Tape here

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